Thespians - those of the theatre

The portrayal of humanity is the focus of all theatre

    First and foremost, I.T.S. is a society with a passion for theatre. Through our experience and research, we have found that theatre is essential to development of self, understanding of people, and appreciation of life. We believe that theatre, in it's purest form, is a reflection of humanity. That being said, the existence of troupe #4877, also known as STVM I.T.S., is the result of those before us having that same belief.


    So then, International Thespian Society at Saint Vincent Saint Mary Highschool participates in theatre in many ways. Our society holds monthly and seasonal events to either promote our own Leprechaun Theatre Guild's productions or to grow closer as a group of individuals with a unified vision. These events can be fundraisers, enrichment opportunities, attending performances, or getting together at a member's house or public location. We also, as our troupe leader Gerard Neary does, drink a lot of coffee. However, this is not explicitly required. Ultimately, our participation in theatre, whether it be direct or through relationships with other members, results in a development of showmanship, empathy, self-awareness, confidence, and zest for life like no other.

<h3>Our Mission</h3>

    Our mission at STVM I.T.S. is to share our love and testimonials about theatre and what it has done for us with our community and the world around us. As eloquently stated in the International Thespian Society handbook, our mission is to:

"shape lives through theatre education by: honoring student achievement in theatre and enriching their theatre education experience; supporting teachers by providing professional development, networking opportunities, resources, and recognition; and influencing public opinion that theatre education is essential and builds life skills. "

    STVM I.T.S. has experienced the life skills of showmanship, empathy, self-awareness, confidence, and a zest for life through it's participation in theatre.